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Cluster Series Pinot Gris 2021

Cluster Series Pinot Gris 2021
Cluster Series Pinot Gris 2021
When explaining the variety to people who are not familiar with it, I say its flavour profile is between a Sauvignon
Blanc and a Chenin Blanc. This wine has a lovely bright green hue. The main flavours of this Pinot Gris are lime, lemon, pear, nectarine and apple. Some nuanced honey notes and floral aromas should appear with a bit of ageing, and an almost salt-style minerality pulls through at the finish.
Technical Analysis
alc 12.0
rs 2.12
pH 3.68
ta 6.36
Wine Information
Brand Group Laarman Wines
Winemaker -
Variety Pinot Gris
BlendPercent 100% Pinot Gris
FoodSuggest This is a great wine for a warm sunny day and is very well suited for seafood. Some of my favourite pairings with
this wine would be Portuguese prawn cakes, flavourful clam chowder or even a simple fish & chips with Chipotle Aïoli. Also ideal with some fried calamari heads with a lovely tartar sauce on the side and don’t forget classic crispy whitebait.
  • Range: Laarman Wines
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